What’s in store

Miracle Foods is ahead of the curve when it comes to quality foods and affordability, ranking among the best in the food service industry. Miracle Foods offers a wide array of food products, reflecting new food trends in the process.

Beef it up

Our selection of beef cuts range from succulent lean tenderloin to rump, offering customers portion-packed food products in a bid to cater for all your needs. A cut above the rest!

Don’t bacon my heart

Our premium pork products make mealtime simpler and more enjoyable as they are crazy tasty. From a wide selection of sausages to pork ribs, we offer the solution to your quality pork needs.

No Fowl Play

We strive to offer customers a range of poultry products that are of superior quality: from a selection of whole chickens to other chicken parts, once you taste you’ll be back for more. We also offer breaded and battered products such as chicken fingers, chicken kievs to mention a few.


Ranging from lamb frenched racks and tenderloin to mince and roasts, we've got all the lamb inspiration you could possibly need.


This impressive selection of exotic game caters for those of a more distingushed palate, ranging from ostrich fillet to wild boar and crocodile.

The plaice for fish

If you are contemplating where to buy fish from, then you needn’t look further. Miracle Foods offers a wide range of fish and shellfish that will get you hooked!

Spice up your life

For those who haven’t got much time to cook and lead a busy lifestyle, then we’ve catered for you too. We supply a range of ready-made food to heat up. Ready when you’re ready!

Finger-lickin’ good

If you’re throwing a party, why not opt for our selection of nibbles: from Asian to Mediterranean, we have it in store for you.

Turnip the beet

If you are seeking something that is hassle-free but healthy at the same time you’ve got to try our range of peeled, deseeded veg, packed for customer convenience.


We are a cut above the rest when it comes to our selection of potatoes: From chips to wedges and noisettes, you name it, we’ve got it!

For flans of desserts

We offer a range of mouth-watering desserts and French pastries, including chocolate fondants to fruit sorbets and different flavoured ice-creams to complete your meals.

Partners in wine

We offer an exclusive range of carefully selected fine Chilean, French, South-African and Italian wines which perfectly pair with our foods.